I had a conversation on line with some friends today about guilt .. and how we deal with it or let it paralyses us.   We then discussed consequences and what we would do if we could do anything we liked … this got me thinking … I know what I would want to do … but, as a friend pointed out, ever action has a reaction.

I have opened many a Pandora’s box in my time … I cared not a jot for consequences but in time, and maturity (ok maybe I was a bit slow on that point!) … but you learn the lesson eventually.

The thing is with the unknown is that you never quite know if it is going to be everything you dream of .. or everything you fear.

The Japanese have a saying that everyone has three faces .. the face we show to the world, the face we should to those close to us and the face we show to no-one but ourselves.   In a way it our own internal Pandora’s box … that is directly linked to our actions and the consequences that they bring.