What is happening in Scotland today is like the choice between an old lover and a new mistress.old scot

The excitement may have worn off and the new mistress a tempting proposition.    Sadly not all that glitters is gold.

Some of us (me included) have decided to stay loyal to the old lover .. recognising the imperfections that have to be worked on, and perhaps giving the old lover a bit of a shake up.

Some have decided to take the chance with the new lover… carried away with the excitement that passion can bring.

At the end of the day, whatever we choose, we will always have a pang of regret for the other .. but that must be all it is.

Together, as a nation, Scotland must learn to accept our new future, whatever bed we decide to sleep in, and make the very best of it.  Forever.

So here is to us, a great nation, that history proves never manage to agree on very much *smile*.   Let’s change our own history by being an example of how a country that is practically split in two about the referendum can come together to be a great nation again.    With pride we lead.