you 1

The events of “Black Friday” yesterday shocked and stunned me a bit .. I cannot for the life of me think why the degradation of humanity and the worshipping of greed can be a good thing.   These people must be really unhappy when they think that a “bargain” will improve their lives.

I have had a lot of highs and lows in my life .. some of which are documented in this blog.   What I have learned is that when life is on the up, you learn nothing.. you forget past lessons.   Life only teaches you lessons when you have a low point in your life… and Boy!  you learn …

What I have in my life right now, is perfect for me .. I simply love my work, it gives me satisfaction like I have never had before with a job and, at times, makes me very humble.   I have home that gives me peace and sanctuary that is so important in my life.  What I have is what I want and I know I am lucky.

I also know that for some, what I have and who I am is not good enough in their eyes .. that is fine by me, it proves they are not good enough or worthy enough to be in my life.

I have had to fight through petty jealousy, anger and downright lies in my past .. and all of these things did hurt and disappointment me .. until I realised that no matter what I done, these people would never think otherwise.   I let it go.

My life now revolves around having peaceful life, calm and unstressed … that is what I need, that is what I want and my willingness to compromise of any of these factors is long gone.

I may never have a lot of money, I may never have someone true and honest enough that I want to share my life with .. and none of that matters now … I have found me.. and quite frankly, that is enough.

People will judge me, people will even gossip about me (what’s new there!) .. and none of this matters .. I am who I am .. and I am happy with that.    So perhaps the old saying “it’s not you, it’s me” does not apply here .. to be frank .. if you have a problem with me .. then it is you.   Get over it.