trouble with women

It is a wonderful and glorious thing to celebrate our differences.    We, as humans, are all very unique, we have our own foibles, our own wee imperfections that make us the perfect combination of ugliness and beauty.

We all need different things from life, some need fame and fortune, some need a child, some need peace and quiet and some need attention.

This is where the problems begin.

There is nothing wrong with any of the above “needs”, not a thing, as long as they are kept to a balance.

Out of all of them the attention seekers are normally the most unhappy.   They will say and do anything to get attention and playing the victims of their own drama is like an addiction to them … they NEED to feel hard done by, they NEED to feel they are not to blame,  they NEED to blame someone else.

In reality their unhappiness is usually of their own doing.   Their self centred look on the world can cause chaos to other people, but they don’t care .. they blindly march on, desperately seeking the little thrill of excitement when they get the reaction they want.

These are also the people to be pitied.   Happiness will always be the next bit of attention, the next compliment and in the real world that doesn’t happen every day.    Love and happiness are not built on words that are easily said and hard to live by.. Love and happiness are the boring bits, the day to day stuff, the non exciting crap that goes on in our lives every day … and when you find someone who still wants to hold you when you have bed hair and your dinner spilt down your shirt then you have it … You will not find love behind a compliment … you find it behind the disagreements, the arguments and the anger … you find it in YOURSELF to act responsibly and by taking someone else’s feelings into consideration.

You find it by growing up.