hello my friend

My first post of 2015.   Slightly delayed due to me a wee bit under the weather over New Year … I had that awful chesty, coughy, lurgy thing that was going around and although it had mainly cleared up by New Year, it left me feeling totally wiped out.    I was in bed by 9.30pm!  and apart from a brief visit to my mums for lunch the following day I spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa snoozing or watching Netflix!   Next year I am doing New Year in style!!

However not all is lost … my friend Barbara Anne was on call over New Year .. so we have decided to have our own New Year sometime soon!

The year has started off gently for me … and I don’t mind that .. I am hoping the whole year will continue in the same vein (apart from me feeling under the weather!) … a nice peaceful year with no hassle sounds like heaven to me!   It would be lovely if it turns out like that!

Today I was back at work, I had a family to visit and it turns out it was a bit of a coincidence .. the lady who died was just 2 years older than me .. and her best friend was with the family.  It turns out when she was young she used to visit her grandparents in the village, who were friends with MY grandparents .. the pair of us (and the lady who died) used to run around the fields and byres together at the farm my Gran was in charge of …  I only have a vague memory as I was only about 7 or 8 at the time .. but I do remember them … life has a funny way of doing full circle at times!

In my job I am very privileged to meet some lovely families and hear their very personal stories .. there are a lot of people out there who are “forgotten heroes” .. the quiet home makers, who raised their children with love and respect and taught them the meaning of the words .. the hero dad’s and grandfathers who fought in the war .. or who worked hard to provide for their families… and the sad stories .. of lives cut tragically short, or lives where unhappiness has been the major factor… but all these stories are fascinating and true .. the good and  the bad bits .. a true life, lived in a true way.

Isn’t that a wonderful tribute in itself!