Just before Christmas I decided I had enough of suffering with my back … it had gone past the point of being “annoying” and was painful all the time … trips to the docs and the physio done nothing much to improve it … until quite accidentally it was discovered that I have 6 lumbar vertebrae instead of 5!    Normally this does not cause too much of a problem but because I also have arthritis in my hip (although it has now been discovered only moderate and not as bad as first thought by my doctor).

A friend of mine said something to me online one night .. something so simple .. it had never crossed my mind .. it was simply “try walking faster” … So I did .. and amazing it worked! … from someone who could barely walk 200 metres without having to “rest” my back … I am now up to 2km .. not a huge amount by anyone’s standards I know .. but to me .. it is like being able to run a marathon.

I have now lost 1 stone 6lbs .. and another 2 and a half stone to go … but my target is to get back into my army staple belt, which at the moment does not reach round me … my journey since December has brought me amazing results .. I walk everyday .. I have a personal trainer who comes to the house twice a week .. and Im eating healthy food that I make myself.    My little world has changed dramatically .. and although my journey has a long way to go .. I know I am on my way …

This is a picture of me now (taken by my poor neighbours who think I am a bit mad!) and one taken in September 2014.. the difference is plain to see.