Day 5 of feeling like poop!

This cold/chest infection thing has really hit me hard and every time I cough I  sound like a rabid dog barking!

Thankfully the snotty nose and runny eyes part of it has cleared up but I’m still wheezing and coughing like an auld hag and my ribs are giving me a wee bit of discomfort!

I really need this to lift prompto! … Linda is coming back up here on Thursday and we are off to Pitlochry and then Glencoe for a few days!… the trouble is, Linda now thinks she may be coming down with it! …. ohhhh! I will not be popular!

I am going to have a quiet weekend, I am all caught up with work, so lounging about with Sprout will be the order of the day.. and I will start looking out clothes for my wee trip away!

Off to blow my nose!!