My lovely Linda is flying up today for a long weekend.

Sadly, she will have to put up with me sniffing and coughing again! The cold that started when I was down at hers is still hanging about!

I have a lot to do before I pick her up from the airport… an hour of torture with my physio… a tribute to write… then drop Sprout off at my mums… plus waiting on my Tesco delivery … and packing the car!

It’s going to be a funny weekend without any dogs around… our first together without a furry “bairn” trying to squeeze between us!….

Tonight we are heading straight up to Pitlochry… before heading for Glencoe via The House of Bruar tomorrow…. I’m so looking forward to showing Linda my most favourite place in the world…. as well as chilling out in the hot tub with a wee glass of champagne.

I am one very lucky woman!