I have been exercising a lot lately… and although it has really been helping with my fitness and weight loss… over the past couple of weeks my hip has been painful… I had a physio appointment this morning and Abdur does think it is more arthritis based than muscular but has advised me to avoid Zumba and leg weights for 7 days… but he is fine with me swimming and doing water aerobics… and I’m also allowed to do light Pilates and yoga exercises… my daily lengths is now up to 50… and tomorrow I am going to try to take it to 60… with an eventual aim of 100 within 1 hour… a tough target but since I can now swim 50 in the time it took me to swim 20… I think I can do it!… I’m still stunned at how much I’m loving exercising again.. Abdur’s hard work on my back has changed my life!