These are very strange times.   We are in the midst of a world wide emergency the likes of never seen before… and yet people are still being idiots, panic buying and refusing to stay indoors.

For me, it is slightly different as I am diabetic and have high blood pressure and I have been advised to self isolate for 12 weeks.  Ros, with her medical problems, is also self isolating during this period … however, neither of us can completely cut ourselves off from the outside world.

Until funerals become Cremation only (with no service) I have to keep working.  I am arranging family visits by phone and video chat but I do have to turn up to take services, but being very careful about the 2 metre rule! … I have wipes in the car for my hands and no longer shake hands or hug my families.

However, it does seem that I may soon be out of work.   With no services required, I will not be able to earn a living.  Ros is on a medical pension, so we will have very little coming in … at the moment there is no help from our government for the self employed, especially if we are renting (which I am!).   Ros was due to move in with me at the end of the month, we have decided to delay until this whole hoo haaaa is over with.

So many people are shocked when I tell them I will have no work, everyone (including me) thought that working in the funeral business would mean a job for life … sadly not …

At least Sprout, Pixie and Jak the cat are happy …. I think Ros and I may have to turn to wine to see us through!

Here’s hoping our bloody useless and fannying about government can come up with something good for the self employed later today!… or I may be asking for food (and loo roll) parcels!