Ros and I had a great couple of days up in Elgin a few weeks ago … and it gave us both the “bug” to get out there and enjoy ourselves!

For the past few months my life has revolved around taking funerals or sitting at home (not that I mind that much!) … and Ros has been stuck at home, only going out to do shopping!

Our wee trip away was great … we had some great walks and visited all the lovely little fishing villages along the Moray and Aberdeenshire Coast, but it was a flying visit, so we decided to go back for a few more days for Ros’s birthday.

This morning we decided that 3 nights away wasn’t long enough … thankfully work has picked up for me again (although I had a lot of funerals on, most of them, due to only having 6 people present, were just quick committal services, which I didn’t charge full price for).

Now that work is more “normal” than it was (still a way to go) … I have decided to stop worrying so much about money and just enjoy it …. although I still like to look for bargains LOL

We are off to Burghead for Ros’s birthday, to a static caravan on the seafront and then travelling down to Johnstown to a seafront hotel … the “dugs” will love it!

Ros walking the dogs at the Dolphin viewpoint …
Pixie watching me … Sprout watching the people with a picnic (food monster that she is!)