Me… aged 3, with my mum, pet lamb Billy and even one of the farm dogs, Tess, peeking through.

The advert for the new Batman movie made me stop and think. Would I really want to change anything about my past?

The answer is no. My past has not been easy and I’ve fought many battles. Some I won, some I lost, but through it all, time and time again, I’ve bounced back. Even if my bounces have been a little less high each time!

I’ve lost everything and found myself. I been accused of being too independent and of being too strong. Neither of these are true. Am I strong, yep. Am I independent, also yep BUT I only appear too much to those who are too weak or too dependent. The typical chameleons of this world who can change to be whatever and whoever for the drop of a pair of knickers.

I know what my past held, and I’m ok with all of it. Even with the lies and disrespect that were deliberately flung my way. Even with the cruel way that cancer stole away my wife. It’s ok. Not what I wanted, but ok.

I experienced feelings and emotions that brought me to my knees, but I am back on my feet (albeit it with crutches) and although some memories are painful, that’s life, that’s death. That’s me.

I don’t think I have the emotional strength to face another relationship, that’s ok too. Love isn’t always about having a partner, love is found in the smile and care of friends too.

So here is to my past, I wouldn’t change a thing… here’s to the future, whatever it may bring.