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Time Out!

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I found myself with an enforced time out today … I had to take my car to the garage and since I didnt have any visits or funerals today, I decided to just wait on the oil being changed.

I was there for 2 hours … just “hinging aboot” … but you know what, I enjoyed it!

I knew I had to pop in to see my 2 friends and also that I had to get home to write two tributes before some friends come over this evening for a “dog park adventure” with the mutts … and although normally all of this would play on my mind and I would be worrying about whether I would get everything done on time, I decided to not worry … and to just relax!

I ended up having a right giggle with a couple of guys who were waiting for their cars and the cleaner who kept offering me shortbread … even though I told her that I would only accept cash … *smile*

I left the garage after finding out that my brake pads are needing replaced and I need a new front tyre … over £300 … but you know what … who cares, I have the money to cover it … Im putting the car back in to repaird in a couple of weeks to have the work done … and I am going to take the time to relax again! … I might even have a bit of shortbread this time …


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Freedom in any relationship is the truest form of love. Freedom to grow, freedom to grow and freedom to just “be”.

My late wife Ros fully understood this, we had mutual friends and interests but we also had our own friends and hobbies and just let each other be.

Ros wasn’t the jealous type, neither am I… we had a relationship based on emotional trust and there was never the jealousy of my friendships that I had to walk on eggshells with my ex. sadly, it realised too late that people judge you against their own morals and actions.

I doubt very much I will find myself in another relationship. I don’t have the emotional strength now. On top of that, physically I’m a bit of a liability. My mobility is bad, which may improve when I eventually get my hip replacement(s), but I have been told there is nothing that can be done for the arthritis in my spine … so I’m not sure just how much I will improve. So perhaps it is for the best I just learn to love myself.

I’m quite happy being single, although I do miss Ros, she was my best pal (and sometimes my worst enemy), but I liked all of that about her. The fact we could argue and disagree… but (usually) ended up laughing about it.

I have always been lucky with my friends. They know I like to be sociable, but they also know that when I’m a bit emotionally tired, that I like my space too. I’m also like I he fact that they are always honest with me, if I’m being a twat, they tell me (and believe me… I can be s twat at times!)… but I respect honesty and truth… although not always easy to hear, at least it is respectful.

So here is to all the people who let us breathe… they are more important than you think.

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