Today, despite plans to go to the gym and swim, I decided to take a day off.

I have been really good and plan to go first thing tomorrow anyway … but with no writing to do today, I found myself with a day off!

I thought Sprout and I could enjoy a wee walk to the beach … but the weather is awful and it is taking me all my time to get her to go out for a pee! …. and to be frank, I couldnt be bothered walking in this weather.

Instead, I have sorted the kitchen out, found more clothes to go to charity (some that I grew down out of before I had a chance to wear them!) and generally caught up with myself … I have actually really enjoyed having a day doing nothing … and even though I am now twitching to go to the gym, I’m not going to … sometimes you just need to rest … and I have a manic week ahead of me next week (and part of the week after!) … but then I’m off on holiday in my caravan .. it will be my first trip out in Poppy and I’m quite excited about it!