We all have fears.

Sometimes they are simple, spiders, mice etc …. sometimes they are more complicated… rejection, love, death etc.

One thing is sure whatever our fear is we cannot allow to paralyse us, to stop us from trying and reaching for what we want but often we do, too scared to confront our fears close up.

We are guaranteed very little in life but we will all fail at one time, we will all love and face rejection and we certainly will die but if we live our lives scared of any of these then we will not really live at all.

My life has been full of great successes and great failures, some brilliant happy times and some times when I thought I would  never feel anything again.  I have achieved lots and lost everything and had to start again and somehow through it all I have found a balance now that I know I need.

I still have fears, mostly to do with losing my peace but I have managed to stop thinking “what if” … now I will act on what happens when it happens and not just worry about it because worry and guilt paralyse me .. that I do know!

Physical fears and challenges are often much easier to overcome than the mental fears we have.   We are often our own worst enemy but would rather suffer from them than take the first step towards overcoming them because of the vicious circle we create in our own head.

In reality there is nothing for us to fear, apart from ourselves.   We should try to remember that.