Peace of mind is a strange thing.   It develops it’s importance over the years, sneaking up from behind the need to be rich, famous, successful or anything else.

As I have aged I have changed and developed who I am, not by any deliberation but by a slow natural process. I know that I have now reached the place in life where peace of mind is the most important thing for me.

The past year or so, I have spent time mulling about, thinking a lot, spending time on my own and getting to know me all over again after realising that somewhere I had lost the soul of who I was.

It hasn’t always easy, I’ve made a few mistakes, I’ve handled things in the wrong way (and I am certainly not proud of those things), but they have helped me on my journey.

Recently I was flung into another turmoil, a rather more lovely and pleasant turmoil than some of the the things that have been rattling round my old brain – but still, something that could mix up my life as it was such a shock to me.   It made me suspicious and protective of myself.

Then something slowly dawned on me… life isn’t about possibilities or maybe’s, life is about actual situations and “the moment”, not the any future that we may dream of, or hope for.

I decided to take a risk, because that is what felt right in my head.   I’m glad I did.

My no-where place has a new chapter in it’s life.  A chapter that so far is filled with laughter, affection and good feeling.

My place of peace.   No amount of money can buy this feeling.