I am sad to see the back of 2013.   It has been a year that has shaped my future in more ways than one.

There has been heartache with the closure of Brae Scotland … but it was a huge weight off my shoulders, and although there was sadness at closing the doors for the last time there was also this huge relief and a feeling of freedom.

It also meant a change of career after 27 years in recruitment … scary … but exciting and I have found the perfect job for me as a Celebrant .. I just wish I had taken the risk many years ago!  

In the future when I look back on 2013 I think it will be year that gave me a second chance.   A chance to start anew, to move on from the past to do something that I really enjoy and become who I have always wanted to be.   

For many years I have been trapped .. in responsibility, guilt and expectation…. no longer … I am free … my future is exciting again .. I have plans .. which, until I am ready to tell all, will stay close to me.

I have to say thanks to the friends who have stood by me over the last year … you will never know how much I appreciate your friendship and for all the times you listened to me .. and sometimes just held me. … and ok, on occasion, tell me I’m an arse ….(which I do know …..) *smile*

Tomorrow night I will sit here, and toast 2013 … just a chapter in my life that has been read .. but probably the most important chapter in many, many, years.

So .. here is to you 2013 …  sleep well .. and thank you