I have been writing out my Christmas cards this year and I realised that many of the cards I am sending are to people who I have little contact with these days.  These are friends from my time down south or just people I have lost contact with.

It did cross my mind whether to “bother” sending some of them and then I had a little think to myself .. every year I receive a card from these people and I am always really happy to know that they have, at least for a few moments, thought about me and thought ME worthy of a card.

Writing cards always makes me smile, it brings back little snippets of memories which sometimes have lain dormant in the recess of my mind!

So I will carry on sending cards to these people as a way of saying thank you for the memories and the smiles that happened earlier in my life.

So for all of you out there (who will probably never read this blog!) THANKS .. it is very much appreciated!