Well .. it is here again .. Im sure the spaces between Christmas’s are getting shorter every year!  

Hopefully this will be a jolly and happy time for us all – but I know that for some of us Christmas is a time of pain and regret.

I just want to take a moment to say my thoughts are with anyone who is feeling sad or lonely this Christmas and I hope the new year ahead brings you peace and happiness.

Life is a bugger at times and the hurt it can throw our way can cut the core of us all but no matter how much you are hurting, no matter how much you think you will never feel better or happy, it will get better.

This time next year you will be in a very different place emotionally, honest, you will be.

I may not know everyone who reads this .. but for you all this Christmas I give you the gift of time .. it is the only healer I know, it doesn’t always work quickly but it does work.

Sit back this Christmas and think to yourself about times in the past that have hurt you and think on … I bet they don’t hurt so much now.

Take care everyone.. have a peaceful Christmas!