Sometimes … well .. more than sometimes .. I can get on my high horse.. I can huff and puff, swear a bit and occassionally try to kick an arse or two!

I make no apologies for me .. it’s all part of who I am .. and sometimes even though I annoy people, I like to say what I think.

Today I read that an American woman who fell into a fountain whilst she was texting is going to sue ..  you can see the video by clicking here (ignore the adverts at the beginning).   What is wrong with people!  Stupid twit that she is!

On a more serious note there are other people out there who think nothing of using others and getting their own way by emotional blackmail.   The old “I really love you” , “I really need you”,  “I can’t go on without you”   “I will fling myself under a bus/truck” type.   To be honest I run a mile from people like this.  They really have no part in my life.

I hate to see friends of mine and others being badly treated by these “sweetness and light” people … however, it did take me a long time to learn that.   I have fallen for the old “you don’t really love me”, “It’s your fault I feel like this” trick once too often .. but they were my lessons to learn and now I am glad I have because I can spot it coming a mile away.

These people really make me go Grrrrrrrrrr .. more than the drivers who pull out in front of me, the slow queues in the bank (Santander in Kirkcaldy .. get your friggin finger out!) , or just eejits in general – it really doesn’t take much for me to go Grrrrrrr! but I am just as easy to be made to go Prrrrrrrrr! too!

Anyway .. that’s my Grrrrrr! for today .. (so far!)