Most of us, at some point, have been victims of emotional abuse.  You know the sort of thing “I can’t live without you”.. “you are the only one who understands me” .. all that rubbish.

I have been there more than once.. and I have witnessed it being used on others.  The difficult thing is, it is sometimes very hard to understand that it is happening to you, you make excuses, you begin to lie to cover up their behaviour, you begin to cling onto a tiny bit of “niceness” in the wilderness of crap that you find yourself wandering through.

I hate emotional abuse, if I hear it being used or threatened I completely turn off.  I have a very very low opinion of people who use it, I certainly do not want anyone like that in my life.    However lately there has been a huge increase in social media threats.  Sadly one person did take her life, this was not down to facebook, but to her mental illness however it seems easier to blame facebook than for those closest to her to accept any responsibility.   Passing the buck so they do not feel guilt.

I have witnessed a few people on facebook pull themselves apart because of this and of other threats, these people are being emotionally abused by the sad little idiots who just seem to know what buttons to press.    My advice, clear them off your friends list, attention seekers will always demand attention and in “real life” would you have these people as friends .. I think not.  

I am happy to add people to my friends list, but the moment I sniff a bit of emotional abuse or attention seeking (that isn’t done with bit of tongue in cheek humour!) they are off…

I have a strict “no emotional blackmailers” policy in my real life and in my social networking.  It did take me a long time to see what damage can be done by these people but I am so glad I finally did.

Facebook is for social media, not for social work … perhaps we should remember this in our real lives too.