All of us expect to be able to choose our friends and what knowledge they have about you in real life.  Online should be no different.    I have a facebook account and I have chosen who I let see information.   I have also chosen NOT to allow my information to become public to those who are not connected to me.

Through this I have lost a “real life” friend on facebook.  It is rather more complicated than that but suffice to say that she is involved with someone who I want nothing to do with.   This friend gave her password to her partner who then “fraped” her (childish I know!) but I objected to this person having access to my information and had no choice but to remove my “real life” friend from my friends list.  To be honest I didn’t want to do this.. she is funny, articulate and intelligent and I enjoy her posts and her banter .. I have tried to explain how I feel but I was just shouted down.

She is not someone I want to fall out with.. she has her life to lead and she has chosen what information she shows to people on facebook .. yet objects to me wanting privacy from someone who should not have access to what I put on facebook.  

I do not know if I am being overly suspicious .. but I have also sent texts that were friendly and sociable that were never received… or if they were .. they were deleted… I find this very strange and slightly worrying.

I do not know how to solve this ..  opinions welcome…