Valentines day is fast approaching .. for some it will be a day of being spoilt and made to feel special.  For others it will be a lonely time and just another day.

For all of us the days of competing to see who received the most valentines cards (one from your mum didn’t count!) are probably far behind us and now most of us are grateful to receive just one.

It is a pity we do not have an official “Friendship Day”, it would be wonderful to send a message to the people I spent time with in real life and on-line, as friendship comes in many different guises and for me some of my friends have been around longer than any of my relationships. 

I have friends who I would lay down my life for, I have friends I can speak to, who want to listen to me.  I have friends I watch over, in my own little (and sometimes misunderstood!) way.

I have friends who make me laugh, friends who make me mad (I do like a good argument!) and friends who understand me and my sometimes very “black and white” way of seeing things.

I have friends who I have never met in real life, who I appreciate so much for the online laughs, comments and for taking an interest in me.

If you are reading this then you probably fall into one of the categories above …  so this post is for you.

So .. for this Valentines Friendship Day a huge thanks and virtual McHug from me to you .. whoever you are and wherever you may be.

Your appreciative friend  ….