We all need confidence.   Confidence is a mighty tool that we can use contructively in all aspects of our lives, whether it be personal relationships, business or pleasure.

The strength that confidence can give you is amazing, what people lack in talent they can make up for with a good old dose of confidence and personality.

There is certainly nothing wrong with confidence .. until it begins to turn into an egotistical belief.

Confident people know their strengths .. and their weaknesses.  Egotists believe they have no weakness.  

Egotists are always right, divert blame from themselves, cannot relinquish control and have the complete inability to apologise or to accept that they are wrong.  Sadly their pride stops them from doing this.

Egotists are annoying and can be very damaging.   They ruin opportunities given to them in their blind self belief.   Their pride twisting facts to fit their story and their control.   No-one elses opinion matters, they are wrong anyway, so why should the egotist give their point of view any consideration.

Sadly, more often than not, they end up driving away the people who care for them as the heavy toll of banging their head against a brick wall becomes too much.

Next time you have a disagreement remember that too much talking will make you deaf just like too much ego will make you blind.