Sometimes life likes to kick you when you are down… this weekend life has kicked, punched and stabbed with all the ferocity it could muster.

Not only had my car broken down with the same fault (fourth time in 2 months)… but our weekend up to Fort William had be cancelled.

However, all of this turned out to be for the best… on my way for a swim this morning, Ros took me to my mum so I could borrow her car. My mum did mention yesterday that my sister had been unwell with an upset stomach, but to be honest, I didn’t think too much of it. Today when we walked in, I was horrified at how ill Margaret was, with a fever and unable to walk. Ros’s nursing knowledge kicked in… and we have spent the day at Victoria Hospital, where Margaret has been diagnosed with Sepsis in her right leg.

She is not well, but the medical staff have been brilliant with her.. and, after being on an antibiotic drip all day, her fever is dropping but leg still very red and swollen and she still can’t walk… hopefully she will feel a bit better by tomorrow…