When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane  in another part of the world.  

Author Unknown

We probably all have heard of the “butterfly” quote .. it is also known as the Chaos Theory.

I prefer to look at it differently.

Our actions, no matter how small can have a lasting effect on others.

Cruel people bring sadness and hurt into other’s lives through jealousy or rage and never seem to appreciate the damage that they leave in their trail, they are blind to it because of their own inability to feel things deeply.

Those of us who have been deeply hurt appreciate how our actions and words do have to be “carefully chosen” at times, often a kind word or compliment can really touch the heart and hope of someone who may be drowning in their own emotions.

Often we are unaware to our own “power” of making things happen and how we make people feel, not through cruelty but by simply being human.  We all have our frailties, our imperfections and our doubts … what we do not always have is the self awareness to realise our “power”.

I guess this is no bad thing, if we thought we could act in a certain way to get a reaction we wanted then that stops being something that is honest and true to being something manipulative and contrived.

Often I have a battle within me.  Often I do not know what way to turn because I get caught up with Guilt and Obligation (both in capitals because I know these are two values that sometimes play too highly in my decisions!), and perhaps Fear too … we all fear rejection, humiliation and hurt.

I have people in my life, who I truly appreciate because they can make me stop and think and listen to myself.    They make me take a deep breath, and take a risk, be honest, be true.     I don’t think you can ask anymore from friendship if it can make you free within yourself.

Recently, someone else’s actions have prompted me to be completely honest with myself and someone else.   I am glad I have been, it was a huge step for me to take, simply due to my own insecurities and how I view myself.

A big lesson for me, and one I will try to remember, a compliment or a smile costs nothing to give, yet it can mean the world to someone.   It may even change their life.