There are cycles in life that, like the tide, ebb and wane.    How we view ourselves and our confidence levels tend to go through these cycles, most of the time with just a little “irk” at the pit of our stomach that pass by as quickly as they appear.

For some the cycles can have a more dramatic and lasting effect.  Often due to losing something we hold close to us, whether it be a job or a relationship we suddenly find ourselves floundering in no man’s land, afraid to let go of the past, too scared to take a step towards the future.

The process can be slow and painful, but it is a prison of our own making, our heart and mind turn against up, battling for control of our emotions.

Slowly .. like a seed our lives change, we begin to emerge from the darkness, into the light and all we need to begin to bloom is a little sunshine in our hearts, a little hope in our minds.

The cycles we go through are not always pleasant, and nor should they be.  We learn far more about ourselves from the tough times we go through than the good times.  We do not often question why we are happy, but we do question why we are not.

It is lovely to watch someone emerge from their darkness, to see them grow and bloom and become …  to join the rest of us who can now tilt our heads to the sun and smile.