We all have thoughts and dreams of where our life will lead, for most of us these come to nothing, they remain in our head, an ember of what might be rather than what is.

Some of us set out on our journey of self achievement with a clearly laid out map or plan to to take us to our destination only to be left disappointed and empty when we do manage to achieve what we had perceived to be important.

Our make up as humans make us believe we know what will make us happy, feel complete, when in reality we often end up discovering by chance the things that are really important to us.

Life cannot be planned, there are too many diversions, discoveries and surprises that we cannot forsee until we are in a situation where we realise our original destination is not the treasure we thought it would be.

Sometimes sticking to the right track will get us to our perceived destination, but think of the beauty we miss out on if we are not willing to take a detour from time to time.  We may end up missing out on the greatest journey of our lives.