Some weekends just seem to come and go without me ever achieving anything.. this weekend I got lucky!

Friday night was our Christmas party .. a night out for the 6 of us from Brae to the conference centre in Dunfermline for one of their party nights.  What a bloody laugh, good company, good food and good wine (perfect really) and we amused ourselves greatly at some of the other party guests … sadly lacking in mirrors in their homes.

Saturday I took myself off to Edinburgh to meet an old pal and her girlfriend who were visiting Edinburgh.  Some of my Edinburgh pals also came along too and it was fabulous to see Jane after all these years.. again much laughter and lovely chats with everyone.  I had missed out on my usual Wednesday night jaunts to Edinburgh for a couple of weeks due to having the other 2 dogs staying for 8 days.    Love them as I do they were too much for my wee place .. I did attempt to pick up the poops this morning but with half the garden done and half a bin bag of shit I gave up ..either nature will take its course or I will sob pathetically in work tomorrow and ask Karen to come and pick up her dogs shits!

Today my plans were foiled a little as Vaner was asked to work today but we managed to get ourselves out of the house reasonably early and headed up to Crieff.   It was a lovely sunny but crisp morning here at the cottage but by the time we hit Dunfermline (3 miles away!) there was a definite little layer of snow.

By the time we had reached Glendevon I was sliding all over the road .. a bit scary to say the least but we passed a snowplow heading in the opposite direction so I had a feeling it would be easier on the way back .. and it was!

It was a great day .. Vaner being particularly excited about seeing her first Scottish snow .. poor wee soul … it was only a dusting .. I fear for her mental health if we get snow like we did last year!

Tonight I am all tucked up with the coal fire blazing, a fabby pasta cooked and life is peaceful and easy.   Although I do have to drag myself out later to go and pick Vaner up after her shift but at least I will come home to a warm home!

The only slight disaster was losing the lovely thumb ring I bought when we went to Brighton .. however the good news (yeh!) is that I found it … the bad news (boo!) was that it was in the ashes of the fire this morning! … it is completely black (not a good look for a silver ring!)  and currently soaking in a cup of coke in the hope that it will come up nice and shiny again!

Vaner is away next week, she is going home to Spain to see her parents and friends, I have to admit I am slightly jealous … a week in the sun would be fab right now!   but on the 4th of January we are off to Cyprus for a week so at least it isn’t too long for me to wait.