Image… There is truly only one way to lose weight (apart from eating less and moving more!) .. and that is the winter sickness bug .. also known as Norovirus.

I am recovering today after two days of hell .. how can a wee bug make you feel so bad .. I honestly didn’t know what end to point at the toilet .. the stomach cramps were unbelievable .. and even my dog  kept sitting staring at the grey faced monster in front of her.  The kitten wasn’t so kind.. she just kept on doing her “thang” and demanding to be fed whether I could stand the smell of her food or not!

On the plus side, at least Vaner is in Spain visiting her parents, she hasn’t had to put up the pathetic patient that I am (crabby, demanding and, frankly, pathetic!)

Yesterday, during Hurricane Bawbag (yup .. we Scots come up with fab names for things!) I sat here with my coal fire roaring, the wind howling round the cottage and the pets fast asleep on the sofa thinking how perfect this picture would be if it wasn’t for the fact I had diarrhea from hell.  Actually just having diarrhea was a blessing, the day before it was sickness and diarrhea.   I got cocky.. I cooked an omelette ..

Uh oh .. bad mistake … the sickness came back with a vengeance and I did actually have a wee cry..mostly out of pure frustration that I felt so bad, but also because there was no-one around to go “there there there”.

Today has been better, my stomach is settling down, I can actually eat something and keep it like a normal person .. whoo hoo

Then the post came .. a letter from the tax office ..  OMG!! where is the toilet …

I owe them £538.00 in underpaid tax … my accountant is going to get a tough time on Monday!