It’s Christmas .. most of us have woken to a pile of presents from our friends and family, but we will all have our favourite and not necessarily the most expensive one.

For me having Vaner take 3 hours yesterday to make me cards is very special.  I awoke this morning to a fantastically funny card that she made me .. with a long ribbon that trailed through the house to the bathroom, at the end of the ribbon was a pack of Tunnocks Caramel Wafer biscuits .. the thought and the care that went into this really means more to me than I can say ..  I laughed so much at this .. a small thing .. a thoughtful thing .. something that means an awful lot to me.

This Christmas take a minute out of your day to have a wee thought for the people who have saved hard all year to give a small thoughtful, inexpensive present to the people they care about.  These are the people who deserve our thoughts today.  These are the people who really have love in their hearts.

Have a great day everyone .. I hope you find peace in your hearts and your minds.

P.S.   The hats belong to my mum!  She made us wear them!