For most of us life can be a struggle.  We go through tough times in life in various guises, whether it be a broken heart from a failed relationship or a deep hurt from what we perceive as “failure” whether it be in business or in family matters.   We do have bad times, we also have good times, but it is finding a balance that satisfies us that is the key.

For some of us we live in a world of “what if’s”  .. of course a little fantasy can help us achieve our goals and our dreams but sometimes people do live in a fairy world of “perfection” where they expect their relationships or their jobs to give them total fulfillment, more often than not they end up disillusioned and bitter.  Perfection does not exist, it never will.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves far too much, sometimes we settle for something we know isn’t right for us but will “do”.   Sometimes we just get lazy and bitter or take the easy option because we know it can’t hurt us.

We all do it, at times we all suffer from doubts, we all feel lost, we all feel sad and worthless.  What we have to do is accept that this is how life is, sometimes it will just be a bloody pain… the quicker we stop wallowing in self pity, roll up or sleeves and decide to do something about it the better.  An action ALWAYS has a reaction.

It is our actions that will decide on our future and our happiness.

Never hold back because of pride or embarrassment, you may not get the answer or the reaction you want, but you will lose some of the doubt and the “what if’s”.

If you try, even if you fail, you have still succeeded.