We all expect different things from love.

We all need to have all we expect.  What we expect is not necessarily what we get, not what we understand, not what we recognise from the movies, songs and the story books.

For me, love and life is about peace … finding peace on my own or finding someone who can give me peace, follow me when I am being strong and hold me up when I am weak.   It is not about the excitement of climbing a mountain but a gentle stroll through beautiful countryside, a slow discovery of small beautiful things.

Love is finding someone who understands the pressure of waiting on the waves to crash and who can quietly rescue you and keep you afloat when they do.

Someone who can laugh, who can cry, who can argue but who can listen and understand that sometimes the happiness is when I am peaceful, the sadness when I feel it slipping away and the anger born from frustration of a voice not being heard or understood.

To recognise love, do not use your ears, do not think of hugs and kisses or sex, do not think of the expensive presents, that is immature love.

Real love comes from quiet actions, from understanding, from seeing the little things, for the support given, for the quiet smiles, for the happily sharing of day to day boring tasks, for the touch in the wee small hours to acknowledge that you are there.

Real love is not about taking, about searching for excitement but about quietly giving and accepting in your own way.

That is love.