All of us at sometime have to stop and just look at our lives, our situations and our feelings and face up to a few home truths that are sometimes difficult to accept.

We have to look at ourselves on the inside.   The outside doesn’t matter .. it is superficial .. it is what INSIDE that makes us, our feelings, our thoughts, our acceptance of who we are, good and bad.   It is only when we can do this and truly accept our faults and weaknesses along with our strengths that we really begin to understand ourselves and life.

I have plenty of faults, as we all do.  None of us are perfect or anywhere near it .. but you cannot go through life concentrating on what you are not, what we have to do is look at what we are .. honestly .. and realise that we will never be happy while we pretend to be someone that we are not.

I accept myself, and all my bad points… I know my weaknesses … I know where I fall down but I also know my strengths .. 

I am happy to accept me as I am.   Maybe that is why I have found my peace again.