There have been a few lies knocking around about me … again .. *raising eyes and tutting* … fortunately this time, instead of being shocked, I laughed … and so has everyone else that I told about “the lies” …  this time the lies will not hurt me as really they aren’t all that unexpected.

It seems that this time the bullet that was fired towards me has stuck in the chamber … which will cause the gun to explode in someone’s face ….  and sadly, this is of someone’s own making …  who loaded and fired all by herself ….


The biggest question out of all is this is why??   … I have no friggin idea!   – embarrassment, drama, pity .. what??

I am 52 years old .. I have had enough drama and lies in my life to do me a lifetime .. if you need to lie, then go ahead, feel free.. but please do NOT use me in your lies to justify whatever the hell you feel you need to justify!!

I was just going to do nothing about it .. but I am a stickler for honesty .. I have no time in my life for lies or liars … I do not want to be involved in your lies … can you understand that .. just stop…. take a deep breath .. tell the truth … it is a hell of a lot easier than trying to remember the lies that you tell and what is so bad about the truth?    Nothing .. not a damn thing.