I have been angered and dismayed at the generalisation and racial comments that I have witnessed on Facebook over the past few days.

I am not a believer in any religion .. I truly believe that the beliefs and our actions show much more of our humanity and compassion than our “claim” to believe in any particular ideology.

I am an ex army girl .. and very proud of that fact.   I am Scottish/British through and through and love our wee collection of countries that make up GB/UK.

What happened in Woolwich is a brutal tragedy, he was one of ours attacked by two cowards who set out to murder that day.   They happen to be Muslim and decreed that the murder was carried out in the name of their religion.

This was not caused by religion .. this was caused by evil men with hate in their heart.

The way in which this cowardly murder was committed is horrific and the media coverage has, in my view, been intrusive to the point of obsession.   It is tragic, it is simply a horror, but every murder is.

We cannot allow ourselves to tar every Muslim with the same brush, we cannot believe that every priest will abuse children, we cannot believe that every Irish person believes in terrorism for one side or the other.

I have one hope from this tragic murder that we realise that extremists believe in their own ideology.   They are not representative of a race or a religion.

We need to make a stand against the radicals of all types.  Maybe then we will find peace.