Change is inevitable in our lives.  We constantly grow as people, change jobs, begin (and end) relationships, grow up, move on.    We never stay still and nor should we.

I have felt for a few months now that there are changes afoot in my life, with me personally I mean.. I have felt different more settled and less stressed.   It didn’t happen overnight, it took time and for most of that time I didn’t even know it was happening, but things are definitely different now. 

I am still undergoing tests to hopefully solve the problem with my knee and back (turns it is a mix of arthritis and flat feet!!)  how glamorous!! LOL        I have to attend a Bio Mechanics clinic to try to get them to realign me … BUT .. the doctor has told me that I can help myself by losing weight … and in all honesty, I do need to… so … I will.    I am also going to stop smoking… I know I have said this and failed miserably in the past .. but the time feels right now.. I will continue to smoke when I am on holiday but on my return I will make a serious effort to stop smoking and improve on my fitness too.

We do have to accept that  it is our responsibility to make decision to change things that are not good or not helpful to us.

I am very bad at doing things for “myself” .. I tend to be better if I feel I am doing it for someone else but at the end of the day I do know that no-one can be responsible for me .. I make my own choices.  

Maybe it is time to make some good ones.