Kindness should never be misinterpreted, never abused and certainly never demanded.

I know that I am a kind person, I also know that this is something I inherited from my parents, both of who are, and were, wonderful kind and funny people.

I have met many kind people in my life, who have touched my heart with their kindness towards me, simple things, sometimes from complete strangers who took the time to care for someone in their own unique way.

I know I am far from perfect, I have no wish to be perfect but I do know that I am kind and I do know that mostly this is taken in the way it is meant.

Kindness really costs nothing.   The most random act of kindness towards me was from an old woman I met one day at Charlestown harbour.    I had gone there to try to clear my mind and found myself crying.    This woman came and sat beside me and for a while said nothing as I tried to stop the tears.  

Eventually she turned to me and started to chat about how beautiful the view was and how special a place it was for her as she visited it often with her husband who had recently died.

She turned to me, touched my hand and simply said “you are not alone”.

A simple and compassionate gesture but a wonderful gift that I have not forgotten.

Be kind.