If we are lucky we will suffer a really tough time in our lives.   I say lucky because when you are at rock bottom you find out what is really important to you.    Often what you discover is surprising, but it does give you the opportunity to look at your  life and yourself and decide if you want to change.

It is no secret that I suffered from depression last year.   It was a very tough time for me as I was very stressed about the business I then had, I was worried about the people who worked for me, I was scared to fail again.


Throughout my depression and my non productivity in work, Karen my business partner stood by me, she understood, gave me space, let me rant, gave me peace.

This is actually the second time Karen has helped me in this type of way.  9 years ago I lost another business and my home, everything I had worked for.   Karen stood by me then and let me recover in my own time, just like this time.   I can never thank her enough for that and she is still the person I trust more than anyone else in this world.

We both realised that there was little we could do to save the business.  We tried so hard but eventually all the fight just left us.  We had an acceptance of our fate.  

Today for the last time Karen and I sat together in our office as Karen has still a little bit of financial work to finish off.  I went along to help carry stuff to the car and basically annoy her *smile*.

As we left I said to Karen “it served us well” .. and it did.   For both of us it was an experience that we learned so much from, about business, about ourselves and, most importantly, that no matter what, life goes on.

Karen starts her fabulous new job on Friday.    It is her dream job and I am so happy for her.   For me, I am still plodding around the job centre until I can get things sorted out with Business Gateway (or not!) … and get myself up and running as a Celebrant.

It is a whole new career and a whole new beginning for me.   After 27 years in recruitment it is a bit scary to be going off to do something completely different, BUT I know this is the right thing to do.

I may be financially and, therefore, socially restricted for a while but that doesn’t matter.   I have lost the stress and replaced it with excitement.

This is my new beginning.