It has been a funny few weeks so far since we shut down our business.

A time of reflection, regret, relief and excitement.   An end of an era but the start of a new chapter and a time when I realised that there is no use in worrying over the past.  It has happened, it has gone .. I cannot go back and change anything and even if I could, I am not sure I would.

This is the new dawn for me,  A second chance at life and getting it right .. which I know is something that not everyone is lucky enough to have, so I will grab it, hug it tight and treasure this rare opportunity.

This week has mainly been about the financial and legal side of my new business.  I have had a meeting with Business Gateway and have made numerous calls regarding grants and training investments, which have all been very positive.  I have arranged a meeting with a possible bank for the new business account and found out that as I am ex forces I may be eligible for additional grants too!! … here’s hoping!!

I have been working today on financial forecasts … it took me a while as finance is NOT one of my strong points, but eventually it all came together and it made me realise that what an opportunity I have for a fantastic work/life balance.   

I may have no money, I may have a social life that will be practically non existent for the next few months but what I do have again is a passion and an excitement for the future.    

I am off to Glasgow on Sunday ready for my course next week …. I can’t wait!!