Over the last two years my life and my circumstances have changed beyond recognition.

The depression brought on by stress was a very tough time, but in hindsight it made me stop and look at my life and what really made me happy rather than what I thought would make me happy.

I know I am a woman of two halves.   I love my friends and socialising and yet I love time on my own, in my peace.

Lately my circumstances have curtailed the times I can spend socialising.    I have had to plan what i can do, I have had to hold my hands up and say “sorry, I can’t make it” … sometimes I have lied and used various excuses rather than admit the real reason .. but the more I think about it .. it is the embarrassment of not having money that makes me do this and the question I then ask is .. why?  …. I have no idea .. so … I have decided to be honest and say please excuse me if you think I am being unsociable, but I have to pull the belt in for a few months.

The strange thing about having no money is the peace I have found…. maybe it is a mixture of now embarking on something that I want to do rather than I have to do … maybe it is because I realise that I do not need a lot of money to be happy, I have peace in my mind once again.  I am happy.     

No amount of money can buy that.