I have always considered myself to be an extrovert .. I am not shy … I enjoy being in the company of my friends laughing and fooling around … I enjoy people’s company …BUT … I also have a real need for time on my own … I came across a blog that lists 11 signs of being an introvert … I am definitely 10 of them (the last one is not that accurate as I do tend to step up and take the lead) ….

1. You Enjoy Solitude

2. Dislike Small-talk, but enjoy in-depth conversations about topics that interest you.

3. People Say You Are A Good Listener

4. You like to think about and choose your words carefully before speaking

5. Dislike Conflict

6. You prefer to work alone and without interruptions

7. When stressed or need to recharge, you spend a few days alone by yourself.

8. Often express yourself through writing

9. People describe you as “soft-spoken” or “mellow”

10. You like people, just not all the time

11. You don’t normally like to take the lead, but will step up when no one else will.

It is funny how others see us …. today I was called “brave” by someone … I am not brave ..  I know over the last year I have had to change my life completely .. partly through choice and partly forced on me.    It was perhaps what I needed.  I was stale, my life was stale.

Now I have my new life ..  and I am genuinely happy … I have a new business that I absolutely love and I am learning things again … my brain feels as if has been sparked back into life.

As I sit here tonight, my coal fire burning, my dog and 2 cats snoozing away, I realise how lucky I am to have the life I have eventually found.  It has taken me a long, long time to get here, a lot of stress, a lot of heartbreak and a lot of confused feelings .. but I wouldn’t change anything .. not a thing … I am now who I am meant to be … I feel secure for the first time in years .. and this has given me a whole new outlook on a lot of things.

I have no drama in my life … no pressure… my new business is growing every week and I have the most wonderful friends who understand me … and love me for exactly who I am.

I have had a bit of strange year … but in a lot of ways a good year … bring on 2014 … I am ready …