In my job I meet families who are grieving for a loved one who has recently died.    The bravery of these people to sit with me and talk to me about very personal memories is something I admire.   Every family I have visited have smiled and laughed at some point as memories that often elude them at first come flooding back.   They often also have a wee cry too .. and that is fine  .. a tribute to someone’s life should be about laughter and tears .. and the stories they tell me allow me to make each tribute I take a very personal one.

I have heard stories that have made me howl with laughter .. and, on one occasion (when speaking to a family of a bit of a “loveable rogue”) was told that they couldn’t tell me some of the stories as it would make me an accomplice! 

My reputation is growing for being a Celebrant who can provide a very personal touch .. and I have 4 funerals this week … my business and my life, which has been put on hold because I couldn’t afford to do much is finally looking as if it is taking off …  BUT … the secret of my success is not in the words or stories I tell.. those come from the families ..  I am merely the speaker of memories .. but it is my ability to listen that helps me pick up on not just the words and memories but the emotional level of those .. this allows me to write a tribute that is true to each memory given to me for safekeeping.

We all have memories that are special to us … some good .. some bad ..  but they are our memories, our very own treasures that can open our hearts and our minds.

I am very honoured to be a speaker of someone’s very personal memories, being a Celebrant is a job with a lot of responsibility .. we create the last memory of someone and a memory for all those who attend the farewell.  

When my final farewell comes I hope the memories I leave will bring as many smiles to the people I love.. and who love me … and that is the finest tribute I could want.