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Last night as I lay in bed unable to sleep due to doing far too much in the garden yesterday that set off the pain in my back and leg.. I was thinking about friendship and what it means to me.

I am lucky .. I have lots of people in my life who I love and adore .. fantastic friends who have shown me kindness and understanding even at my darkest moments when they believed in me and listened to me.  Even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I am at my happiest when I am in the company of these great people in my life (I cannot post pictures of all of you!).. I know they believe in the same foundations of friendship that I do .. trust, honesty and loyalty.   I do need friends in my life .. which is the complete opposite of how I feel about a relationship … what I get from the friends I have is the mental and emotional support that some people need from a partner.

The one common factor amongst all my friends is that they say it as it is … I don’t always like what they tell me .. and sometimes I do ignore their advice .. but, without fail, in hindsight they are always right.

Sometimes, to my great regret, I have been fooled .. and I can blame that on no-one but myself .. perhaps because I tend to say things as they are .. I tend to think that people will give me enough respect to treat me in the same.   I have at times been used … and so be it … I did  know what was being said did not match up the actions .. and I accept that.   I would rather give someone a chance (sometimes more than one!) before cutting them from my life.

I know as I go through life I will gain other friends who mean as much to me as some of those in the pictures above … and that is a great thing .. you cannot force a friendship .. the best one’s just happen and you can truly open your heart and let these people see the real side of you.

So to all my friends who mean a lot to me (and you all know who you are!) thank you … to all those I have yet to meet .. I’m looking forward to it!