Life is not always fair.  What we want we can’t always have.    People hurt us .. not always because they are cruel .. but because they want different things that we do… and sometimes relationships will never work because we all have different expectations.

How we deal with our disappointment and hurt depends on what type of person we are.

Some will swing between hate and love, wanting to the hurt the person who has hurt us.   In reality in the end you will just hurt yourself.

Some deny and lie … burying the truth behind a wall of lies until in the end they cannot see the truth on the other side.. but it will still be there … waiting, like a dangerous stalker, to pop up just when you least expect it.

Some will accept graciously, acknowledge their hurt or disappointment and move on.

How you deal with things is entirely up to you.     You can stay in the comfort zone of anger and punish yourself, you can lie and deny but deep inside you know that one day your lies will catch up with you .. or .. you can simply accept, smile at the memories and free yourself of all the baggage, realising that people cannot help how they feel

The key to your happiness or your bitterness is all based around your choices, your honesty and your strength.

Whether you are strong enough to free yourself depends on no-one but you.

I made a picture post tonight …. perhaps we should concentrate on being spectactular ….


make your life spectacular