scotland apart

This is not a post about a Yes or No vote … this is a post about the behaviour and attitude from some on both sides of the divide.

In September the people of Scotland will vote for Independence or to stay part of the UK.

How we vote is entirely up to us … what information we believe .. and trust in .. and what information we don’t.

However, attitude amongst both sides is now at fever pitch … some posts are simply maniac … total and utter bullshit and stink of desperate measure and trying to fool the public.

What is more worrying is the divide it is bringing amongst the people of Scotland themselves.    Let’s be honest here … our history of the clans fighting amongst themselves .. our history of religious conflict .. that even extends into the game (and I stress game!) of football have meant that the people of Scotland have very rarely agreed on anything.

The Referendum is no different .. we have different views, we have taken different sides.    It does not make us less Scottish if we vote No.   It does not make us Fascists if we vote Yes.   

We are entitled to our views and what we believe is best for Scotland.   

We are NOT however entitled to insult and abuse those that do not believe in the same that we do.

Once the vote is over .. whichever way it goes .. the damage done to our reputation as Scots will not be put behind us so easily.   

We have no-one to blame but ourselves.