I am not a sugar coater of words when truth has to be told.

It doesn’t always make me popular, but then again, those that dislike the truth have no part in my life anyway.

I am not the sort of person who will stay in a situation where I find people rude, ignorant or just plain scumbags.

However, I do realise that at times it is not in the best interest for me to speak my mind … not for my sake, but the sake of hurting someone I care for … in situations like that, I simply remove myself from it.

I am too old to live a life in the shadow of fear or even just putting up with a situation I am not comfortable in.  This is sometimes an excuse for people to paint me in a bad light instead of confronting their own situation that made me walk away from it.  There is nothing I can do about that, and quite frankly, if they are the type of person looking for and easy way instead of the right way …. they are welcome to walk …

I will even wave them goodbye as they go.