Friendship is a delicate thing … it can be made in an instanside by sidet ..,,and lost just as quick.

Sometimes we do not realise how our actions, or lack of, can hurt people.

Sometimes we misjudge situations, sometimes we act badly … not deliberately .. but because we make mistakes .. we are human.   We fuck up.

The larger the group of people, the more this becomes apparent … sniping behind someone’s back .. ganging up together for a “common cause” … all sorts … this is natural .. it happens in the wild with animals and it sure as hell happens with us as humans.

What we forget all too easily is that it is not the number of friends we have .. but the quality … people can hurt us from the outskirts of our circle and that doesn’t really matter … but those that are close to us can hurt us .. and hurt us badly.

We all have pride .. we all have ego … we all do not want to admit we are wrong.   We are willing to cut off our noses .. or good friendships … because we do not know how .. or cannot .. say sorry.

Not everyone will like us .. and we will not like everyone … again .. this is natural … but common respect and decency costs nothing.

I have friends who some people do not like … and sometimes sitting on the fence between them is uncomfortable … I hear both sides of a story … and sometimes they are so far apart it is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

What we should never forget is that we are all hurt by different things .. for me lack of loyalty amongst my close friends or being lied to are two major “hurts” .. that really does cut to the core.

BUT … no matter what … if a friendship, or relationship has meant something to me then, although I sometimes cover my hurt with anger … eventually that passes … and I am left regretting things I said or thought … sometimes we can salvage our friendships .. but .. like a dropped mirror .. they may always remain damaged.

We have to stop.   Think.   Put aside our pride, our ego.. what we have presumed .. what we have heard and face up to the fact that none of us are innocent … and I mean none.

It takes both sides to want to repair things .. to want to be big enough to let things go and think “our friendship is worth fighting for”.

We are lionesses … we fight amongst ourselves .. but we hunt in a pack.

I really hope we can all remember that and just have a wee think …  with kindness .. not anger.