2014-08-26 07.30.27


I took this picture one morning last week when I was on a wee break up to Fort William.    It is Loch Linnhe around 7am .. the mist was moving up the Loch like a silent snake, shrinking and growing as it went on it’s way.

I have been thinking a lot about this picture … there is something beautiful but foreboding about it .. the boat is on it’s way .. on calm waters, brilliant sunshine, but ahead is the fog and the fear that it brings when it surrounds you.

Our lives can be a bit like that .. sometimes we lose ourselves and what truly matters to us .. and what we need by being blinded by expectation, pride and money.

For those of us who have been through “the fog” in our lives .. we know that it will lift and the sun will again warm us … sometimes we just need to have faith in ourselves to hold on during the times we feel lost and turn our heads to where we know the sun will be.

For this we need acceptance … of ourselves, of our faults and weaknesses and of our good points and strengths.  We cannot always be perfect .. that is impossible.  We will all make mistakes, we will all feel under stress, we will all feel we have lost our soul… and at times we will feel angry, upset or, even worse, nothing …. but these times pass … and we learn great lessons from them… about ourselves, about life .. and about other people… but most importantly we learn how to find our way in the truths we discover.