There is something quite beautiful about returning to a special place that holds lots of memories.  These are my recent photos of Glencoe Lochan .. for me a beautiful and spiritual place where I find great peace.

I have visited here many times .. and it is where, when I die, I want my ashes to be scattered.    

The beauty in this place changes with the seasons, the early spring brings a miriad of green sprinkled with first buds of bloom, the summer brings a darker green as the shade from the foliage lays patterns on the pathway but with the odd burst of colour from Rhododendron bushes and wild flowers as they search for the light through the shade.    Autumn is when it really is at it’s best … the leaves change colour into shades of green, golden, yellow and red … a rainbow of colour above your head and below your feet.   Winter is when the beauty of this place is stark.   The limbs of the trees standing like silhouettes against the grey skies but the white of the snow on the mountains raising your eyes upwards.  

I love to walk slowly round here .. feeling the atmosphere of this special place that was built by a man to stop his Canadian Indian wife from being homesick.   In later years the big house was used as a hospital for soldiers who had suffered lung injuries .. the clean air and flat path aiding their recovery.

It is here that I caught my first fish.    It is here that during a dark time I found peace ..just for an hour or two.   

Although the seasons change this place temporarily the beauty and the tranquillity stay constant.  

That makes me feel safe.


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